Zdena Ledvinka

 I was born and raised in a small, almost one thousand-year-old town called Jindrichuv Hradec in the South Bohemian Region of Czech Republic.

 My daily walks around magnificent castles and through a beautiful historical town centre with mediaeval architecture laid a solid foundation for seeking and appreciating fine art in life.

 The biggest influences on me were my Mother and my 3 Grandmothers with their arts and crafts skills and attention to detail, and my Father who is a professional musician.

 My Granny never really threw anything away. In her house and attic there is a perfect system of boxes and everything has its place, everything gets used for something. I was raised with the philosophy that if you want something you need to do it yourself. I wanted a doll house, so my Granny told me I need to collect boxes and plastic cups from yoghurt and other small things. We made my doll house together using scrap material.

My vision is to inspire and support others to see opportunities in all material rather than just disposable rubbish.

 I started to attend ballet school at a very young age and it became my life purpose for many years.  Along with dance I designed and created costumes for dance shows and performances throughout every school year.

In the last 15 years I have been a mother and my focus was on raising and taking care of  my children and my home and garden. I love creating seasonal house decorations as well as unique clothing and accessories or garden furniture from upcycled pallets.

 I also love  decorating and repurposing broken household or clothing items or giving them a second life while focusing on beauty as well. I work with yarn, fabric, flowers, paints, wood and tin. Creative process is the joy of doing, multiplied by a second chance for the material I use.

I am blessed to cooperate with likeminded Artists in our community. 

 I am a passionate yoga and meditation instructor and kirtan leader. The beauty and lightness of being drawn from the outside back into my breath and movement, to come out in the form of divine sound and coming back in to touch our hearts in the form of music and voice.

 I believe that creativity and inspiration comes to us when we deeply connect within. Yoga and spiritual singing are the tools to do that. To connect to our inner child and dive deep into creation. I believe every human is creative by nature, but not everyone has had the opportunity to express it yet.

 I love experimenting and exploring different techniques and styles. My paintings can be found in private collections and my former College in Czechia, while my other Artforms can be found in private collections in Czechia, Poland and Ireland.



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