Séan Moore

Seán Moore is a Dublin based photographer working commercially within the Hair and Beauty industry. A graduate with first class honours of Photographic Media from Griffith College. Seán works within the mediums of Literature, Installation, Graphic Art, and Multimedia, focusing on areas such as identity, gender, mental health, and mortality.  

 “Through my love of photography, I have developed from hobbyist to professional and have been commissioned for work throughout Ireland and United Kingdom. Passionate about all things photography. I have taught photography courses with the Photography Academy of Ireland and the Dublin Photography School.”

 Seán believes that photography is about capturing people’s imagination and not just images.  

“My work will focus on the viewers voyeuristic perception of a Ballerina. Their road to failure and success. Through a series of images, within one piece, I will portray the ambition, focus and determination of a Ballerinas drive for perfection.”


 ‘Graduate Show’ – Group Show 2019

 ‘Fashion’ – Group Show 2018

 ‘His Story’ – Group Show 2015

 ‘Of night and light and the half-light’ – Solo Show 2013


Aliné – 2019

Who Are We – 2018

Am I social – 2018


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/justsean.ie

Website – www.justsean.ie

Contact – info@justsean.ie

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