On The Altar Of The Arts 2024

This years theme is  “The Visual Artist and the Ballerina”.

Two professions characterized by a seductive public presence under the spotlight.

On the surface, their worlds exude glamour, with captivating performances and adoring audiences.

However, beneath this artistic veneer lies a realm of unyielding sacrifice and relentless hardship. These dedicated individuals trade personal time and often financial stability, channeling their resources into materials and pushing the boundaries of their artistic abilities. Their lives demand unwavering commitment and perseverance, navigating a labyrinth of challenges that often require them to sacrifice comfort, personal relationships, and sometimes even their physical well-being.

We want each Artist, to respond to the concept, producing a visual representation of their investigation of the theme, giving a no holds barred look at the depth of pain and sacrifice captioned in this creative process.

A flat fee of €30 for up to four images submitted applies to this Open Call. Please click on the paypal link to pay this fee.

Artists should then upload their name and email details, and a maximum of four images on the form below. Images should be in jpeg format and not exceed 2mb per image.

Closing date for submissions is Sunday 31st March 2024.

No late entries will be accepted and no refunds given.

The Exhibition will run from Friday 31st May until Sunday 2nd June and coincide with the Balbriggan Summerfest closing weekend.

The location will be the former Dealz Premises in Millfield Shopping Centre Balbriggan.

Please read the full terms and conditions HERE before proceeding with payment.