Niall Leavy

 Niall has built a strong reputation, nationally and international for his distinctive, vibrant and uplifting Art. With four solo shows to date, Niall’s Art has featured in international shows in major cities around the world including Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm, Edinburgh, a number of times in London, twice in New York City and at the prestigious SOFA exhibition in Chicago.

 Using his background in psychology and coaching to help shape his works, he creates contemporary, fresh, vibrant pieces of art. Niall is driven by positivity and energised by colour, and focus on capturing flow and harmony, balanced with an attention to order and detail.  His square paintings are the result of a process of developing multiple layers, with elements of each layer protected and other elements washed, rubbed or scratched away, but all building a ‘history’, reflected in the ‘moment’, the ‘positive moment’,  captured by each piece.

 Niall keeps his creativity fresh by continuously looking to bring new dimensions to his work. In recent years Niall has diversified his artistic offerings creating a series of distinctive mixed media ‘stripe paintings’, a number of a very striking ‘Infinity’ paintings using lights and mirrors, a new series of mixed-paintings inspired by the rich history of Persian style carpet making in Co. Donegal in the late 1800’s, and the landmark coloured Glasshouse at the Wineport Lodge in Co Westmeath. With the most recent commissions incorporating influences from street Art, this diverse selection show how Niall likes to keep an edge to his  work and reinforces his relentless drive to create art that is modern and visually impactful and at the same time speaks directly to the constant core inspiration of his work – positivity …!!



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