Martin Hughes.

Artist, Woodworker, Activist.

Three Ballerinas (Triptych)
Three Ballerinas (Triptych)
Three Ballerinas (Triptych)
Three Ballerinas (Triptych)
"Peace Tank"
"Peace Tank"
"Peace Tank"
"First Impressions"
"Pas de Deux"
"At the Crossroads, Naul"
"Church Bell, Naul"
"En Plein Air"
“After Matisse”
"The Springers"
"David meets Goliath"
"Orca, Mother and Child"
"Orca, Mother and Child"
"Orca, mother and Child"
"The Frostie"
“When I knew Diego loved me”
“A different Shade of Blue(s)
“Skerries Harbour”
“Candle” (still life)
“The Courtyard”
"Slane 2003"
"David vs..."
"This is not a bowl"
"Snap Apple"
"Perspective II"
"Old Marble Staircase"
"Lemons" (Still Life)
"Deconstructed Twice"
"Lisa in luminarium"
"The Hawk and the Nightingale"
"On a Mid Summers Day"
"Dusk, Skerries Beach"
"Sufficient unto the day"
"Ballerinas III"
"Ballerinas II"
"Still Life - Lemons"
"Back when I could jump this high"
"Castle View" (Elne, France)
"Echoes of Lovers"
"Elm Burl Bowl"
"Out from the Dark"
"Lovers Under Lamplight III" (Broken Lamp, Broken Heart..)
"Meanwhile, in Dublin.."
"In the Bleak Midwinter"
"Crossroads – Left at the Tree"
"Two Wise Men"
"East Coast of Martinland"
Jewellery Holder
"Black Harbour"
"Lovers Under Lamplight"
"Fulda Valley"
"Still Life 1"
"The Last Tree"
Winter Morn
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