Martin Hughes

 I was born and raised in North County Dublin and have worked with my hands since I was a young boy.  I worked with and learned from Artist and Cabinetmaker Jack Devaney, who showed me that every material has the possibility of a second life.

 “Waste nothing, then don’t waste it again” was a sign above his door.

 I studied painting and drawing with several Artists both in Germany and Ireland and work primarily in the medium of oil and pastel. 

I draw inspiration from the environment, with specific focus on my experience and understanding of my surroundings.  I also create Art from recycled wood and metal. I built my own workshop and studio solely from recycled materials and work under the philosophy that we are limited only by our imagination. 

 For many years I have been involved with several groups of Artists and creative people, and I do a lot of work with mental health projects. I have curated several large-scale Exhibitions and Open Submission Competitions and engage with Public Art Installations and percent for Art schemes in Schools and Colleges.

In 2016 I was awarded the Stephen Scarff Award for contribution to the Community.

 The Ballerina Project is a continuation of that of work to bring people together through the creative process.

 My work can be found in private collections in Ireland, UK, Germany, America, and New Caledonia.

 I can be contacted trough my website or Social Media channels as below: 

Facebook: Martin Hughes Art 

Instagram: Martin Hughes Art

“Art is simply that from within, brought by the Artist, outside”  (Ian Fleming)




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