The North Fingal Book Club is inspired by a group in the Town of Miltown Malbay, in Co. Clare.
They found that some Men were not comfortable meeting in houses and some were not interested in outdoor projects and so on. So they decided to meet once a month in the local pub, and pick a book to read in time for the next meeting, and to discuss the book and have a bit of craic for a couple of hours.
The group got Men out and talking to each other, and becoming more social and having a pint or tea or coffee in a pleasant setting that caters for everyone.
This group started out as a Men’s Book Club but very quickly it was agreed that everyone should have access to this resource, so hey, off we go!
We have been given the promise of free tea or coffee for non drinkers from a couple of pubs so far, but you’ll have to buy your own pints!
Please add anyone you might think would benefit from this idea and we will have a launch night at 8pm on Thursday  30th May 2019 in the Bracken Court Hotel in Balbriggan, to arrange venues and get your ideas for this group to meet up and get busy!