This show delves into the parallel between the lives of Visual Artists and Ballerinas, two professions characterized by a seductive public presence under the spotlight. On the surface, their worlds exude glamour, with captivating performances and adoring audiences.

However, beneath this artistic veneer lies a realm of unyielding sacrifice and relentless hardship. These dedicated individuals trade personal time and often financial stability, channeling their resources into materials and pushing the boundaries of their artistic abilities. Their lives demand unwavering commitment and perseverance, navigating a labyrinth of challenges that often require them to sacrifice comfort, personal relationships, and sometimes even their physical well-being.

On the Altar of the Arts” paints a poignant portrait of the creative community, where 27 Visual Artists collaborated with the Metropolitan School of Dance, and each other, to create an impressive body of work. Each Artist, working in their respective media, responded to the concept, producing a visual representation accompanied by deeply personal testimonials. This intimate approach invites viewers to embark on their creative journey, bridging the worlds of Visual Arts and Dance.

In support of this initiative led by curators Martin Hughes and Leia Mocan, the Irish Institute of Music and Song in Balbriggan graciously offered the new venue, “The Lark,” for the exhibition’s opening show scheduled for Friday, April 26, 2024.

The exhibition will subsequently move to “The Atrium” at Fingal County Hall in May 2024, and we are currently engaging with private and public venues nationally, for their support in hosting this important exhibition over a five-year period.


Balbriggan recently earned “Creative Places” Status from the National Arts Council, signaling a heightened interest of the community towards the Arts sector and beyond. Balbriggan is the youngest, most diverse, and fastest-growing town in Ireland, brimming with artistic talent.  We believe this Town, and the Lark venue, is the perfect place to launch this initiative.

Showcasing works in a variety of media (painting, sculpture, drawings, collage, wood printing, audio/video installation, live performance, textile and photography) alongside Artists’ audio/video/written testimonials, this show will captivate the audience, giving a no holds barred look at the depth of pain and sacrifice captioned in this creative process

The exhibition’s opening will feature a dance performance led by (to be confirmed) guest speakers (To be confirmed) and (to be confirmed) opening the event, with participation from local and national print, broadcast and online media, VAI Ireland, the Scéal Arts Collective, and other national organizations supporting the event.


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