Akvile Simanskiene

Akvile Simanskiene is a self-taught visual Artist, born and raised in Lithuania. Based in Balbriggan, Ireland. She is a member of MAAI (Mosaic Artist association of Ireland) and VAI (Visual Arts Ireland). She is currently working with Grasshoppers IEYF as a visual Artist and stage technician whilst collaborating with voluntary organisations and individual Artists.

Akvile generally uses different mediums in her work, mainly reusing and repurposing materials she finds around in her daily life. Keeping high standards of quality to ensure materials coming from recycling centres, charity shops, freecycle organisations or donated by people from the local community to ensure her Art is made fully of repurposed goods whilst maintaining great standard and grade. She is highly interested and motivated to use organic materials, such as the seasonal plants to make pigments, sand and dry leaves for textures, rocks and driftwood for the basis of her artistic work.

She is highly passionate and interested to work with the community and collaborate with different Artists and Makers.

Akvile’s past artistic work can be found in private collections from around the world as well as public installations, in places such as Australia, Canada, UK, Lithuania, Ireland and Germany. Examples of such work include:

  • Mosaics commissioned to be made out of recycled ceramic and glass.
  • Theatre decorations and puppets made out of repurposed materials for interactive storytelling.
  • Public mosaic installations created out of recovered historical ceramic and glass, with community involvement in design and installation work.
  • Eco-Sculptures created from recycled cardboard for Early Years Festivals, local community parades and private commissions.
  • Volunteer and commission murals curated and created for public spaces using recycled paint.

Akvile’s main Artistic vision is to share her skills with the wider community and show how important it is to reuse already existing materials to create useful art for everyday use. To use Art as the bridge between generations and cultures. To preserve and reintroduce traditional skills back into modern daily life.



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