Across the Sand Sprinkled Road

Across the sand sprinkled road and under the viaduct
A quick glance at the lighthouse with its new shining dome
A proverbial bright light in the town.

Down to the beach, pause as two speedboats fly across the water and into the harbour
An old man appears, his approach unheard with the engines scream
“Speedboats in Balbriggan? What are yiz like?” he laughs and his belly shakes in time.

Up across the head to the playground and that (new nursing home) blight on our landscape
The old man offers his opinion here too
“Yer arse would be sore with the shafting we got there…” and then he’s gone
Still laughing at his own wit and walks away up bath road.

Around by the tower and past the old boathouse, feel the soft sand again
Along King’s strand where the sea can trap you if you don’t watch out.
She is beautiful, but does not suffer fools in this place
Cliff behind and sea to the front, a sight to behold, a gift and a joy, a dangerous love.

Ah though, this beauty broken momentarily, pass the marker for Baby Belle
A tragedy seared into our core, it brings a tear
Sadness let in, for a moment, an acknowledgement, then walk on.

Reaching the Sailor’s grave.
A pile of stones to mark those lost at sea. A small plaque too but look closely, look at the stones
Each one not just a sadness but a memory. There are so many memories here. So many stones.
Names etched into these tablets by loved ones
A simple act but in this place the grandest of gestures.

And then you are there. So-called Cromwell’s harbour.
No trace of his filth remains, it’s the quietest place in the world
No sound but the soft song of the waves as they gently caress the sand
An apology perhaps from the sea, and for what she has done.

A seal appears, nods his head, then leaves you alone, understanding.
There’s no breeze. Just a quiet beauty. A Peace.

You crossed the sand sprinkled road.

You are home.